Accepted Papers

Domain-specific adaptation of a partial least squares regression model for loan defaults prediction
Balaji Vasan Srinivasan, Nathan Gnanasambandam, Shi Zhao and Raj Minhas

Automatic Cleaning and Linking of historical Census Data Using Household Information
Zhichun Fu, Peter Christen and Mac Boot

Domain Driven Data Mining in Human Resource Management - A Review
Franca Piazza and Stefan Strohmeier

Agent Assignment for Process Management: Competency-driven Dynamic Resource Management Methodology
Ramzan Talib, Bernhard Volz and Stefan Jablonski

Revealing cluster formation over huge volatile robotic data
Nikos Mitsou, Irene Ntoutsi, Dirk Wollherr, Costas Tzafestas and Hans-Peter Kriegel

Novel Knowledge-Based Twin Support Vector Machines
YingJie Tian and XuChan Ju

Improving Energy Use Forecast for Campus Micro-grids using Indirect Indicators
Saima Aman, Yogesh Simmhan, Viktor Prasanna

FAARM: Frequent association action rules mining using FP-Tree
Djellel Difallah, Ryan Benton, Tom Johnsten and Vijay Raghavan

Automatic Training Data Cleaning for Text Classification
Hassan Malik and Vikas Bhardwaj

Semi-supervised Failure Prediction for Oil Production Wells
Yintao Liu and Ke-Thia Yao

 Mining Infrequent Causal Associations in Electronic Health Databases
Yanqing Ji, Hao Ying, John Tran, Peter Dews, Ayman Mansour, Richard Miller and Michael Massanari   

CAPRE: A New Methodology for Product Recommendation Based on Customer Actionability and Profitability
Thomas Piton, Julien Blanchard and Fabrice Guillet

Certainty-Enhanced Active Learning for Improving Imbalanced Data Classification
JuiHsi Fu and SingLing Lee


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