9:00am -

Opening Address 

by Workshop Co-Chairs
9:05am -

Keynote Speech 

Mining Patterns in Social Media - A New Frontier 
by Prof Huan Liu
9:35am -

Session I (1) – Ubiquitous Intelligence

Certainty-Enhanced Active Learning for Improving Imbalanced Data Classification

by JuiHsi Fu and SingLing Lee


Coffee break


Session I (2) – Ubiquitous Intelligence

Automatic Training Data Cleaning for Text Classification

by  Hassan Malik and Vikas Bhardwaj


FAARM: Frequent association action rules mining using FP-Tree

by   Djellel Difallah, Ryan Benton, Tom Johnsten and Vijay Raghavan


Novel Knowledge-Based Twin Support Vector Machines

by   YingJie Tian and XuChan Ju


Agent Assignment for Process Management: Competency-driven Dynamic Resource Management Methodology

by  Ramzan Talib, Bernhard Volz and Stefan Jablonski


Domain-specific adaptation of a partial least squares regression model for loan defaults prediction

by   Balaji Vasan Srinivasan, Nathan Gnanasambandam, Shi Zhao and Raj Minhas 


Lunch break
2:00pm -

Keynote Speech 

Towards Context Aware On-demand Data Mining 
by Prof Jian Pei
2:30pm -

Session II: Mining Complex Data and Applications

CAPRE: A New Methodology for Product Recommendation Based on Customer Actionability and Profitability

by  Fabrice Guillet, Thomas Piton  and Julien Blanchard


Improving Energy Use Forecast for Campus Micro-grids using Indirect Indicators 

by  Saima Aman, Yogesh Simmhan, Viktor Prasanna

Revealing cluster formation over huge volatile robotic data 

by  Nikos Mitsou, Irene Ntoutsi, Dirk Wollherr, Costas Tzafestas and Hans-Peter Kriegel

Automatic Cleaning and Linking of historical Census Data Using Household Information

by  Zhichun Fu, Peter Christen and Mac Boot

4:00pm –  

Coffee break
4:30pm -

Session III: Domain-specific Applications  

Mining Infrequent Causal Associations in Electronic Health Databases

by  Yanqing Ji, Hao Ying, John Tran, Peter Dews, Ayman Mansour, Richard Miller and Michael Massanari        


Semi-supervised Failure Prediction for Oil Production Wells

by  Yintao Liu and Ke-Thia Yao 


Domain Driven Data Mining in Human Resource Management - A Review

by  Franca Piazza and Stefan Strohmeier 

5:40pm -

Closing remarks 

by Workshop Co-chairs

9:00am -9:05am 

 Opening Address 

by Workshop Co-Chairs  

9:05am -

Keynote Speech 

Highly Efficient Predictive Feature Vector Mining from Raw Data
by Wei Fan

9:35am -

Feature Talk 

Actionable Knowledge Discovery and Transfer
by Hans Bohlscheid

10:00am -10:20am 

Coffee break 

10:20am -

Session I – Involving Ubiquitous Intelligence 

Using Taxonomies to Perform Aggregated Querying over Imprecise Data

by Atanu Roy, Chandrima Sarkar, and Rafal Angryk


Sequence Alignment Based Analysis of Player Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)

by Kyong Jin Shim and Jaideep Srivastava


Network anomaly detection using a commute distance based approach

by Khoa Nguyen, Tahereh Babaie, Sanjay Chawla, and Zainab Zaidi

 Link Prediction Across Multiple Social Networks 

by Muhammad Ahmad and Jaideep Srivastava

Controlling consistency in Top-N Recommender Systems

by Paolo Cremonesi and Roberto Turrin

Agent Assignment for Process Management: Agent Performance Evaluation Framework

by Muhammad Ramzan Talib, Bernhard Volz, and Stefan Jablonski 


Lunch break


Keynote Speech

Interestingness in the Real World: Two Case Studies
by Bing Liu

2:00pm -

Session II: Mining Complex Data and Applications

 Learning with Actionable Attributes: Attention – Boundary Cases!

by Indre Zliobaite and Mykola Pechenizkiy


The Effectiveness of A New Negative Correlation Learning Algorithm for Classification Ensembles

by Shuo Wang and Xin Yao


Contextual Sequential Pattern Mining

by Julien Rabatel, Sandra Bringay, and Pascal Poncelet

Mining Textual Data Streams with Intra-Chunk Concept Drifting

by Bo Liu, Yanshan Xiao, Longbing Cao, and Philip Yu

Evaluating Association Rules by Quantitative Pairwise Property Comparisons

by Elnaz Delpisheh and John Zhang

3:30pm –


Coffee break

4:00pm -

Session III: Domain-specific Applications

Medically Driven Data Mining Application: Recognition of Health Problems from Gait Patterns of Elderly

by Bogdan Pogorelc and Matjaz Gams



Insights from Applying Sequential Pattern Mining to E-Commerce Click Stream Data

by Arthur Pitman and Markus Zanker 


Domain-driven Data Mining for IT Infrastructure Support

by Girish Palshikar, Harrick Vin, Mohammed Mudassar, and Maitreya Natu


Trading Tests of Long-Term Market Forecast by Text Mining

By Kiyoshi Izumi, Takashi Goto, and Tohgoroh Matsui

5:40pm -

Closing remarks

by Workshop Co-chairs

6:15pm –  7:15 pm 

Business Analytics Forum



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