Welcome to the Special Interest Group of Market Surveillance (MS-SIG), an exciting area and community! Market Surveillance SIG is founded by Dr Longbing Cao, and maintained by Market Surveillance Group, Data Sciences and Knowledge Discovery Research Lab, UTS Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems.


To our knowledge, limited research and development has been undertaken in Market Surveillance. Market Surveillance SIG aims to be a portal collecting novel thinking, activities and techniques for strengthening and promoting the research and development of market surveillance in related areas.


Market Surveillance SIG aims to be a global knowledge repository about market surveillance, and an international forum to promote and encourage high quality research and development on market surveillance technology. We focus on developing creative and practical analytical technology for Security market surveillance, while general knowledge in other specific domains such as Electricity Market Surveillance is also in our interest scope.


This MS-SIG website systematically summarizes, to the best of our knowledge, the relevant resources about market surveillance in terms of the following aspects.


Market Surveillance SIG is a place for your say about and contribution to market surveillance. Your comments and feedbacks are of most importance to the community development. Please come to the MS-SIG Forum to have some chats, or send us your questions, suggestions or comments. In addition, if your contribution has not been reflected in this community, please let us know.